I took some clothes and dumped them in,
And then retraced my steps...
Unknown to me, the cat jumped in,
And hid in dryer's depths.
I soon returned with the rest of the load,
Shut the door and pushed the knob...
Content to kick back and relax,
While the dryer did its' job.
It finally registered within my brain,
That something was not Hoyle...
Ker thump, ker thump, while the dryer went round,
Did it only need some oil?
I thought of the load and what it contained,
No tennis shoes at all...
Yet it sounded so much like the blows,
Thrown in a bar room brawl.
I popped open the door and the dryer stopped,
And much to my surprise...
A staggering cat, that swayed back and forth,
Could subtract one more of his lives.
(c)  12/13/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Alley Cat
Dedicated to the most nosy cat I've ever known!

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