I went out and got married,
Up and took a wife...
Excited at the prospect of
Sharing a new life.
I found out rather quickly,
There's no such thing as bliss...
It wasn't long 'till it became,
A struggle to exist.
Her cooking lacked the expertise,
I knew my mother's did...
And when I made small note of that,
She slammed each pot and  lid.
She fried and she would scramble,
She broiled and she would bake...
Still there was no comparison to,
Her own and mother's cake.
She seemed to only fix the things,
That I refused to eat...
Beef liver cooked with onions,
Said, 'Those are a real treat!'
She didn't take too kindly,
To suggestions that I made...
Still I blundered straight ahead,
Confident and unafraid.
My mother dear has passed on,
My wife has left me too...
I'm hungry and I'm lonely,
Doing what a man must do.
My meals are quick and simple,
Now that I have no wife...
I'm gaining weight on 'take out',
Junk food has saved my life.
(c)  06/23/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Happy Go Lucky

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