Loves Song

For years I have not heard the notes,
Nor sound of Loves sweet song,
Buried in some quiet place,
For much time that is gone.

I think if I look long and hard,
For reasons that I seek,
That I may see and find you there,
And listen as you speak.

That you may reach and take my hand,
Show me a brand new road,
Where I can find new happiness,
Replace my heavy load..

With love and joy, and all good things
That lay dormant inside,
A stirring of  old feelings that,
Had long been set aside.

To awaken now, bring feelings back
I thought were really gone,
To listen now, just one more time,
To beauty of Love’s song.

To help me heal old wounds I have,
To open wide the door,
That I may hear and listen to
Loves sweet song just once more.

© 2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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