Reach For Your Dreams

Reach For Your Dreams

Love knows not the restriction

Of any certain age,

The twilight years are just as apt

To write a brand new page.

For with maturity comes a sense

Of knowing what is best,

Of finding love that may become

More deep than all the rest.

A meeting of two kindred souls

And dreams that they hold dear,

To share in what time they have left,

A love they can hold near

More deeply satisfying

Than when they were so young,

Based on the knowledge they have gleaned

From years already done.

Trust only what is in your heart,

And what others may not know,

How love even in our twilight years,

Can make life once more glow.

So donít give in to solitude,

If that is not your choice,

Reach out for all your dreams instead,

Heed none but your own voice.

© 2003 Loree (Mason) OíNeil


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