11/12/94 to 02/17/03

God in his wisdom,
Wants only the best,
So he devised,
The ĎAngel Testí.

There is one I know,
Who passed with flying colors,
With no effort at all,
Unlike many others.

God looked long and hard,
In his efforts to find,
His next Angel that had
To be a special kind.

Then he found Debbie,
And thought it best,
That this little Angel.
Who had passed the test,

Should stay on this earth,
Where she could do good,
By passing out smiles,
As he knew she would.

For those who know Debbie,
Itís not hard to say,
She truly is an Angel,
In her special way.

©  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

Note:  Debbie Lande is a precious little girl from California, with very
special parents.  Debbie is 8 years old, and has leukemia.  I am so proud to
have met Debbie, through her mother and the miracle of the internet. Debbie
is the daughter I was never blessed with.  Thanks to her family, for taking
me in, and letting me share Debbie with them.  May God watch over Debbie and
her family, and keep them safe in all days to come.

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