The Family Wedding Gown

She climbed the stairs to the attic
And sat down beside the chest,
That held, all wrapped in tissue,
A Satin wedding dress.

It once belonged to her mother,
Who had worn it years before,
She gently removed the wrappings,
And the skirt fell to the floor.

Her thoughts wandered back as she sat there,
To a time many years ago,
When she too had worn the satin dress,
Along wih a radiant glow.

Now her hands gently stroked, over and over,
With light and loving caress,
Smooth satin folds beneath her fingers,
Of the family wedding dress.

Now itís time for another to wear it,
Then she too will pass it down,
To a daughter sometime in the future,
The family wedding gown.

©  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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