The Greatest Painting Anywhere

Why do we wait so long in life,
To truly understand,
The beauty that surrounds us,
And covers our great land.
With mountains rising high above,
And reaching for a sky,
That's filled with golden sunlight,
Where Eagles learn to fly.

Huge boulders, raging rivers too,
And brooks that seem to talk.
With mighty trees to shade the ground,
Where mankind takes his walk.
Birds that sing a unique song,
Then hurry to take wing,
When startled by intruders,
Invading their domain.

Four seasons with a schedule,
For balance and a break,
A hole carved out like some great cup
To form a pristine lake.
Dainty flowers growing wild,
Blaze all around to see,
The greatest painting anywhere,
God gave to you and me.

2002 Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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