What Are Friends For?

Best friends are those who will tell you,
When no one else seems to care,
The things you may not want to hear,
But ones that show they care.

Your lipstick is on crooked
And the color is not right,
Whatever happened to your hair?
It really is a fright.

You have a little ‘thingy’
Right beside your mouth,
And the run on your left stocking
Is really headed south!

What is that green between your teeth?
It wasn’t there yesterday.
I’m sure moss doesn’t grow that fast,
And you need to brush it away.

Fast food has finally caught you,
Or your clothes have shrunk one size.
I hardly recognized you,
I couldn’t believe my eyes!

The tag on your blouse, on the back of your neck,
Is out for all to see.
Should I reach to tuck it in,
Or should I leave it be?

But for all your faults and ineptitudes,
I wouldn’t trade you in.
I only tell you all these things,
Because you’re my best friend!

©  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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