Computer Junkie!

I’ve just now discovered,
The joys of the ‘net’;
My time that’s spent there,
I’ll not soon forget.

I’ve traveled around,
To near places and far;
And don’t even have,
To get in my car!

I’ve been over to Russia,
Even China and Tawain;
The world is my ‘oyster’,
When my ‘puter’ is on!

I spend all my time,
Chasing a ‘mouse’;
But it’s all on the screen,
And not through the house.

When my life on earth,
Is over and done;
Everyone can say,
“It’s the computer, that won!”

And on my tombstone,
As  Heaven waits;
Please put the words,
“Thank you, Bill Gates!”

(c)  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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