By The Shore

I question why God called you home,
And left me here on earth alone,
I wonder how I learn to cope,
And how I move beyond the hope,
That peering in each face I see,
Might bring you back once more to me.

Those laughing eyes that held such life,
The years we shared as man and wife,
The joys, the tears we had to bear,
But always knowing you were there,
To pick me up when I was down,
To coax a smile, erase a frown.

Since I am left to stay behind,
Just waiting for my end of time,
I know that I have need to seek,
And listen for my God to speak,
To show me how to make my way,
To explain why I had to stay.

To lighten up my heavy load,
To lead me down that lonesome road,
To dry my tears and show me how,
To move ahead and live for now,
To guide me forward ‘til that day,
I meet you there on His pathway.

I ask now solace from the one,
Who knows my grief and what is done,
Who wraps me now in his embrace,
My soul to calm, to show the place,
Where all is love and so much more,
For you are standing, by the shore.

© 2002  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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