Dear Santa   

What do you tell your little boy,
When he confides in you,
That all he wants for Christmas,
Is to have his dream come true?

Mama, I had a dream last night,
That Daddy had come home,
That you no longer have to cry,
And spend your nights alone.

That everything was once again,
Just like it used to be,
That I was bouncing once again,
Upon my Daddy’s knee.

Will you help me one more time?
To write Santa and ask,
If he can bring my daddy home,
Like Christmas in the past?

I’ll be so good and say my prayers,
And never miss a night,
If only you will help me with,
This letter that I write.

So I got a pen and paper,
And helped to guide his hand,
As he ask Santa to bring home,
From a far and distant land,

The father and the husband,
We miss so very much,
And yearn to see and then hold close,
And feel his loving touch.

And after the letter was written,
In childish and bold hand,
I tried to ease his little heart,
And did the best I can,

To explain that even Santa,
Is a very busy man,
But I know that he will listen,
And do the best he can.

You see son you are not alone,
In this letter that you write,
There are boys and girls all over,
Without their Dads tonight.

Your father is one of many,
Who won’t be home this year,
But you must be a brave lad,
Have trust and do not fear.

That next year will be different,
And Christmas will be great,
Your Daddy will be home again,
If only somewhat late.

© Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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