Signs Of Spring

I walked slowly down a little lane,
Someone said that spring was there…
And looking closely there I found,
Spring’s perfume hanging in the air.

The sun nestled against the sky shines down,
It’s rays of warmth to give…
Knowing that without it’s touch,
No growing things can live.

The flash of a robin‘s bright red breast,
And a mocking bird to sing…
The buzzing of bees flying on a quest,
And a butterfly takes wing.

Pink blossoms clustered on an apple tree,
Purple violets peer through grass…
To give a quick and friendly nod,
To all of those who pass.

Pretty flowers strut beside the path,
Bringing cheer to all who see…
Awake from winter’s long deep sleep,
Rejoice in being free.

To flaunt their colors in every hue,
As they strive to do their best….
To be more perfect than those before,
Quick burst before they rest.

Far in the distance thunder rolls,
Announcing coming rain…
To quench the thirst and calm the dust,
Of the little country lane.

©  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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