All Roads Lead To Home

Itís each ones dream to leave the nest,

 That they have much to give,

To spread their wings and fly above,

So many years to live.

To taste the smooth red wine that bites,

The taste buds and the lips,

The heady feeling so unique

Embarking on lifeís trips..

Forgotten for a long, long time,

The years speed on their way,

So many places to be seen,

So very much to say.

Awakened now as from a sleep,

 A tugging of the soul,

A need to search for that which seems

To be what will console.

And one by one they all come back,

Gone now the urge to roam,

 For in the end they realize,
That all roads lead to home.


© 2002 Loree (Mason) OíNeil


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