I once was young and pretty,
Full of vim and vigor too..
I lost the vim, when I loaned it,
To someone I once knew.
The vigor only lasted,
For just so many years...
Fair-weather friends poked fun at me,
With laughter, jabs, and jeers.
They used to call me ' dreamer',
So I worked to cultivate...
Safe haven where I could escape, 
A dreamer's life and fate.
But sadly I found out too late,
As Dreamers often do...
That dreams won't pay the bills at all,
Nor fill the tummy, too.
So now I'm realistic,
When it is far too late...
My dreams have all but disappeared,
Few crumbs left on my plate.
  10/26/13 Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  All You Do Is Bring Me Down

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