From crowded deck,
Risk of shipwreck...
With stormy sea around,
Then land a speck,
Like one small fleck,
That grew to solid ground
With grateful cries,
And relieved sighs...
They fell upon the sand,
Beneath cold skies,
But free from lies,
That brought them to this land.
An end at last,
To dangers past,
With new ones yet to come,
It's surface vast,
The future cast,
With songs yet to be sung.
America had just been born,
Majestic wilderness forlorn,
Yet that would change with time...
Her beauty that did once adorn,
Would be dug out, like pesky thorn,
While missed as warning sign.
For has man in continual haste,
Carved into pieces, laid to waste,
The beauty of once pristine land?
With sluggish water, almost paste,
Replacing sthe sparkle, and sweetest t taste,
All done for greed and by man's own hand.
Tough times are here, America's adrift,
A country divided by each selfish riftl...
A government broken, ithat seems to have caved,
Now taken over by huge corporations,
That once were the backbone, the pride of our nation,
The question now, Can our country be saved?
(c) Loree (Mason) O'Neil  04/24/13
Midi playing is:  Before The Next Teardrop Falls

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