Photo By © Loree (Mason) O’Neil
The wind in the willows,
Soft as can be...
Stirs all of the senses,
Leaves on each tree.
Reflection in water,
That ripples and dances...
Graceful as one,
Who doesn't take chances.
Long slender green leaves,
That cling desperately...
To dainty small branches,
Refuse to fall free.
Warmed by the sunlight,
And tickled by wind...
Dipping and straightening,
Don't break, simply bend.
Cool shade for the ducks,
And the geese sitting there...
Neat branches full loaded,
In fall, will be bare.
Cool weather is coming,
The leaves will change hue...
Turn to pale yellow,
Then drop from my view.
Resting and dormant,
Awaiting new spring...
To burst forth with new leaves,
For yet one more fling.
© Loree (Mason) O’Neil 03/20/13
    Midi playing is:  Bobbie McGee

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