I used to think that old age,
Was more a state of mind...
That I could beat it on my own,
Through smiles and being kind.
I  thought if I stayed active,
Got lots of exercise....
Old age would be, held far at bay,
With no chance for surprise.
Old age was just for others,
I never would be caught...
Being a couch potato,
Eating things that I should not.
I told myself each passing year,
I couldn't tell a change...
Yet something now seems different,
And more so, even strange.
Alas I've reached the limit,
Where state of mind has changed.....
Indented me with wrinkles,
All carefully arranged.
From state of mind to mirror,
With no room for argument...
Too poor to have a face uplift,
Besides I'm just a wimp!
Loree (Mason) O'Neil 06/17/12
      Midi playing is: Aint much fun

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