The wings of time, for many years,
Seem to be in no hurry...
Until we're grown and realize,
That life is about flurry.
Like fluttering of a baby bird,
We grow to leave the nest...
That's when we tend to try our wings,
Work hard to be the best.
We are so wrapped up in our goals,
We fail to take much note... 
The mantle on our shoulders,
Is time worn like a coat.
I feel the hint of gentle touch,
A whisper on my cheek...
The wings of time remind me that,
My strength is growing weak.
The hot winds of each summer,
And the cold of winter's blast...
Are the messengers that tell me,
Wings of time are closing fast.
 Loree (Mason) O'Neil (3/16/12)
       Midi playing is:  Just A Little Talk With Jesus

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