If God had meat for me to fly,
I would have grown some wings...
To soar at will, high in the sky,
Like all the birds that sing.
If God had meant for me to swim,
I would not fear the water...
I'd have both gills, and maybe fins,
Or glide like some sleek otter.
If God had meant for me to be,
His vision of what is man...
He can look down, a glimpse to see,
I am part of his plan.
If God had high hopes, I'd become,
The master of my fate...
I've let time pass, it's almost done,
And maybe now too late?
If God had meant for me to spend,
My years lacking of fame...
He must be thrilled, that near the end,
I have remained the same.
 Loree (Mason) O'Neil 11/29/11
       Midi playing is:  Rockin' Years

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