The country that I've loved so much,
The one I grew up in...
No longer can be recognized,
As it twists in the wind.
Those who explored  and mapped this place,
Must be in state of shock...
As they watch from heavenly home,
View what progress has wrought.
We came,  we saw, we overcome,
Each obstacle we faced...
For challenge was what spurred us on,
The tool of human race.
Alas the progress that we made,
Has come with tragic price...
For crime and greed have overcome,
The place that once was nice.
Like clothes put through a wringer,
Pinned to a line to dry...
Left there to turn, twist in the wind,
Until last gasp and sigh.
  10/24/11 Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Jesus Remembered Me