Someone told me I was crazy,
That I came across confused...
They suggested that my basket case,
Had been too much abused.
So I hurried into Wal-Mart,
A smile upon my face...
I knew exactly what to buy,
A brand new basket case!
I wandered up and down each aisle,
To look for the display...
Thinking they might be on sale,
I'd save some bucks today!
I finally caught a clerk who passed,
A bit too close to me...
"Can you tell me where I might find,
A basket case?" my plea.
"We've got fruit cakes, we've got lemons,
We have nuts of all kinds...
But a basket case is new to me,
Which I doubt we'll ever find."
He rolled his eyes and coughed a bit,
I could see he was choked up...
"They might be in the dish display,
Right next to coffee cups!"
He led me to that section,
Then turned with strangest stare,
"They must be on back order now,
For I don't see them there!"
He walked me to the exit door,
His voice though strange, was kind...
"I think that Target has them,
Or we might, too,  next time."
I thanked him kindly as I left,
And thought I heard a laugh...
No basket case for me today,
Just helpful, friendly staff!
07/17/10  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Elvira

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