( photo by Loree)
For twenty years it has been home,
I shared it for so long...
With one I loved, my own soul mate,
But now my love is gone.
I've stayed here since and done my best,
But as the years progress...
It seems my efforts, slower now,
Are lacking in success.
And so with heavy heart and mind,
I know the time has come...
To give it up, this home I love,
Leave all that we have done.
It's time to move back into town,
My body not as strong...
Give up the country living here,
Each lonely day so long.
I wish I could be far away,
Not have to watch it sell...
For I will shed a lot of tears,
Before I'm healed and well.
  03/19/10  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Through Our Rocking Years




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