Life is all about climbing our mountain,
That takes most of our time...
Our sleep is filled with the clutter,
Of hills that fill our mind.
For years we keep on climbing,
Life's sword used to help clear our path...
For life is one unending battle,
Filled only with dreams and man's wrath.
Our steps can never be erased,
But are set for posterity...
Perhaps as a warning, reminder,
A caution for others to see.
When we reach our own life's summit,
Then we can lay down our sword...
For descent into the Valley below,
Will be our final reward.
Our valley will be filled with flowers,
With light from our smiles and the sun...
Where we can rejoice as we rest there,
Content with a job well done.
  03/01/10  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Song playing is:  In Constant Sorrow
Dedicated to my son, JT...03/18/72 - 03/10/07

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