I lost some things important,
When I was still quite young...
And though I searched to find them,
I gave up,  called it done.
Instead I felt caught up in pace,
My life like die was cast...
Those things I lost were truly gone,
Forgotten in the past.
The years flew by as I worked hard,
To raise my kids, my lot...
Yet now and then, I felt a pang,
For what it was I'd sought.
And when last diaper disappeared,
Was washed and put away...
I finally found just what it was...
That I had lost that day.
For in plain sight, I saw once more,
The dream of fame I'd had...
Replaced by motherhood for years,
A contrast sweet yet sad.
A chance once more to share with all,
The dreams I resurrect...
Each picture now,  I strive to paint,
Through words that I inject.
02/13/10  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
       Midi playing is:  All You Do Is Bring Me Down

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