Old man winter isn't done,
He proved he's still quite agile...
By dumping rain, and then some ice,
On bent limbs that are fragile.
Like some mad man who is out of control,
He leaves us with no doubt...
That cold and blow, and too much snow,
Are what he is about.
And if he smelled a whiff of spring,
It sure did set him off...
For how can man act on his thoughts,
Of shooting game of golf?
When winter blows offensive  breath,
And gives us no respite...
From feel of cold, and white of snow,
That falls both day and night.
Oh come on spring, don't be afraid,
To make your presence known...
Chase away my winter woes,
Add color to my home.
  01/29/10  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Winter Wonderland

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