I'm frayed around the edges,
Time has taken heavy toll...
It seems its been successful,
If indeed, that was its goal.
I'm frayed around the edges,
It shows up in my old  face...
In my thoughts, the things I do,
From life and its frantic pace.
My disposition somewhat changed,
All due to circumstance...
From choices made, all these long years,
When life was luck and chance.
The flash of radiant smile of old,
That brought smiles in return...
Is slower now, when it appears,
Like something I must earn.
Yet despite all the fray that shows,
And all the faults you see...
Deep down inside, there still resides,
That which was always me.
I'm frayed around the edges yet,
Emotions brightly glow...
With passion and the love I crave,
No doubt, the last to go.
01/17/10  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing:  Someone I Used To Know

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