The old barn is not empty,
Filled with ghosts from long ago...
In winter sagging roof looks frail,
Beneath a heavy snow.
Yet stubbornly the barn remains,
Refuses to collapse...
Protecting memories inside,
The remnants of its'  past.
The corners filled with cobwebs now,
The loft still with the dust...
From bales of hay and straw stored there,
Door hinges squeak from rust.
The weathered look from years of time,
Embed like perfect catch...
While wrinkles on my aging face,
Make us a perfect match.
Sight of the barn still hanging on,
Is testament of sort...
Longevity comes with our strength,
And life not always short.
01/08/10  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is: Call Your Name

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