When I woke up this morning,
First opened up my eyes...
I remembered a day that called to me,
With cloudless azure skies.
I smelled the pungent perfume,
That lingered on the air...
From roses lavish with their blooms,
In truth are resting somewhere.
I imagined the brush and light touch,
Heard whisper of the breeze...
Its only purpose seemingly,
Persistent and to please.
From secret place well hidden,
Completely out of my sight...
I heard a bird sing the sweetest song,
Before he lifted in flight.
Refreshing as a long cool drink,
That quenched my mouth and tongue...
The sweetness of a brand new day,
Filled with warmth of brightest sun.
For it is dreams of what lies ahead,
That entice, keep me going...
This time of year, when it is cold,
With north winds strongly blowing.
Another chance for a daydream,
Of day to be remembered...
To help me through reality,
Of cold day in December.
But when my bare feet touched the floor,
My daydreams  soon had fled...
The task of how I might stay warm,
Was dominant instead!
12/30/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Four In The Morning

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