Twas the day after Christmas,
And all through the house...
Was the litter and glitter,
No room for a mouse.
The wrapping and ribbons,
Were strewn everywhere...
I was too tired to clean,
The mess that was there.
Name cards and ribbons,
All over the place...
Twas really a mess,
And near a disgrace.
Where in the world,
Was I to start...
Getting rid of the mess,
That filled each one's heart.
But with a deep sigh,
I reached then to clean...
Put back into place,
And store each new dream.
Now we know why,
There's a Mother's Day later...
A reward for her,
And the tasks that await her.
At last it was over,
For another whole year...
Yet nostalgia was there,
And escaped with a tear.
A special time, for each one of us,
And one that we'll never forget...
Our efforts paid off, with the joy on each face,
So we know it's the best ever yet!
12/26/09  Loree (Mason) O'neil
      Midi playing is:  JBellRock

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