If not for our dreams, what would we do?
And to ourselves, would we be true?
For dreams are what will spur us on,
Until each challenge, we have won.
For each of us, are nothing more,
Than the dreamer who can rise and soar.
The one who takes each dream as it comes,
And turns it into victory won.
If not for a dream set as a goal,
We'd have no food for heart and soul.
For all our lives new dreams present,
Give us the courage, for time well spent.
For dreams are life, what it's all about,
A dreamer doesn't quit or pout,
But take each new dream just as it comes,
Like quarterback, who's forced to run.
If not for dreams, life would be a waste,
No flavor there, no success to taste.
Each one of us must then decide,
To follow our dreams, and build our pride.
Dreams are the food that makes us grow,
That molds us into a human whole.
And if a dream fails, don't ever dismay,
For dawn brings new dreams with new day.
12/09/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
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