The house is strangely quiet now,
The sounds of living gone...
No one to share my laughter with,
Nights endless and days long.
The kids all grown, and moved away,
Have lives like I once had...
A noisy household in retrospect,
Wasn't all that bad.
The one thing that they did not take,
But left behind for me...
A house too big for only one,
An emptiness I see.
My spouse was called some time ago,
To leave for his new home...
It seems unfair that it is I,
Who spends my time alone.
What bothers me most of all,
My home now like a cell,
Always wearing loneliness,
Although it fits us well.
Yet I have tasks that I can do,
That soothe my troubled mind...
As I sort through and then smile at, 
Memories left behind.
  11/14/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Too Old

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