Tears make it hard for me to see,
To do the things I should...
Self pity overwhelms me now,
Prevents my feeling good.
Each time my feelings fall apart,
With no real way to stop them...
It's hard to move past my sad thoughts,
To push aside and drop them.
How do you fix a broken heart,
To make it good as new...
The pieces shattered, hard to find,
No love to act as glue?
Mementos kept are all put up,
Stored in a special place...
Wrapped in tissue, wet with tears,
The photo of your face.
I have just one thing I would ask,
That you remember me...
Our closeness shared was far too brief,
Yet full of memories.
An interlude that filled a need,
But one that didn't last...
Because your heart belonged instead,
To someone from your past.
  11/04/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
       Midi playing is:  Blue Eyes Crying

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