Life is like a new highway,
We travel when we're born...
With age it looks like a road map,
Much used and somewhat worn.
Each day we add a few more miles,
Where destined that we go...
Some days go by so very fast,
While others go quite slow.
New things that we encounter,
Are bumps inside our lane...
But we are not alone it seems,
For others feel the same.
How did we drive?  Was it too fast?
How did we climb each hill?
With courage and much fortitude,
The power of our will.
As we near what is meant to be,
Our final destination...
Life seems to speed much faster then,
No sign of hesitation.
And at trail's end we see once more,
Our friends and memories...
For final breath brings peaceful sleep,
Is only meant to please.
 10/31/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  A Rose Must Die

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