Photo By Novadean
They met for the first time,
With no one else around...
Nature their only witness,
As they sank to the ground.
Her arms stole round his neck,
Her eyes closed in delight...
Overcome by feelings that took wing,
Like birds scared into flight.
He basked in the gentle touch,
As love flowed from her hand...
A warm and happy feeling,
Gosh, love is truly grand!
He saw the joy that was on her face,
And he wriggled with delight...
It mattered to them not at all,
That it was in broad daylight.
They knew in one brief instant,
As their hearts beat fast as one...
That this was love at first sight,
Old Cupid's work was done.
The greatest love of all,
They knew it was forever...
That the trials of life,
Could not touch nor sever.
  10/26/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
       Midi playing is:  Blanket On The Ground

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