Will tomorrow ever get here?
I think it may not come...
For it remains all elusive,
Despite the things I've done.
I've reached and tried to grasp it,
To trap it in my hands...
Too soon it is a yesterday,
Regardless of my plans.
And if by chance that should all change,
So it could not escape...
Would it wait until I slept,
And then slip out the gate?
If tomorrow had no choice at all,
Remained in my control...
A good tomorrow, I would keep,
Refuse to let it go.
It matters not my efforts,
To hold tomorrow close...
Too quickly here, then disappears,
To become one more ghost.
Tomorrows are part of forever,
And there they'll always stay...
Despite the fact that they slip past,
To become yesterday.
10/17/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
       Midi playing is: AWAY

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