In a corner of the attic,
Untouched and out of sight...
A wooden chest unopened,
Resides there day and night.
For it holds more than treasures,
Our dreams that spanned the  years...
Happy reminders of good times,
Others still stained with tears.
To open up that wooden chest,
Would take a lot of effort...
It might be best to leave it there,
Beneath the oaken rafter.
To leave it for someone to look,
At life as I once knew it...
Sift through the hopes and dreams inside,
Because I cannot do it.
Maybe later, but not now,
For I am not that strong...
Achievements, disappointments too,
The things both right and wrong.
Safely stored at least for now,
So that I will not find...
Reminders of life as it was,
And how it changed with time.
The chest these days, is covered deep,
With dust accumulating...
Nothing new to put inside,
As it sets there, still waiting.
Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Help Me Make It Through  The Night.

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