Each of us hope that someday we'll know,
Riches and stacks of gold...
Yet we are privileged when we find,
A special golden road.
One that's peaceful without stress,
That calms us when most needed...
Look no further than the one,
That Mother Nature seeded.
The colors there takes breath away,
Each one a perfect hue...
An artist would be pushed to paint,
To capture colors true.
Just once a year we find that which,
Year round we dream and seek...
Preserve the calm and beauty both,
In mind for next brief peek.
Our riches are not measured,
In money we can spend...
Wealth is found on a golden road,
And what lies round the bend.
Hand in hand, you and I,
Will walk down that Golden Road...
Let it lift our burdens high,
Take away any heavy load.
  10/03/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
  Midi playing is:  Golden Ring

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