The doctor told me firmly,
And that I had no choice...
Pace maker was her order,
In firm, no nonsense voice.
So I checked in to torture,
That goes by its own name...
Hospital is its label,
But hurting is its game.
At first they tried to freeze me,
I was cold the whole long day...
If I want to freeze to death,
I'll do it my own way.
I'll wait until it's frigid,
On coldest winter day...
Then run outside buck naked,
An idiot at play!
They wheeled me down the corridors,
Around the crooks and turns...
Soon had me lost and much confused,
For what I soon would learn.
They put me on a table,
And then they strapped me down...
My teeth were clacking noisily,
No escape to be found.
They poked me with their needles,
Like I was a pin cushion...
Told me firmly to lay still,
Quit wriggling and a pushin'!
They gave me what they thought it took,
To send me on my way...
To La La land, and much beyond,
Hoping there I would stay.
But that is when I came awake,
Which gave them quite a jolt...
"Good morning Doctor, how are you?"
Then that was all she wrote.
The doctor had her way with me,
With no more interruption...
Now I am home, and doing fine,
No sign of repercussion.
(c)  09/16/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Coward Of The County

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