When I think that I am getting,
The short end of the stick...
It's then I count my blessings,
And change my mind real quick.
While I'm griping about housework,
Which I really hate to do...
I think about the homeless,
With no windows to look through.
When the grass needs a good mowing,
And the garden's full of weeds...
I know that I am truly blessed,
With room to plant my seeds.
I know the work is worth it,
The price for my own home...
And I truly think that I am blessed,
With what I've worked to own.
And when I shut the door at night,
And turn the safety lock...
I thank the Good Lord on the spot,
For my piece of the rock.
  09/13/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Country Club

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