I escape to my own retreat,
Where I can be alone...
The barn  my choice, the place I seek,
Almost my second home.
It's then I let my mind wander,
Into a time now past...
Sift through the memories in my mind,
From those able to last.
Like eager fingers, digging deep,
My thoughts flit here and there...
Searching for what's hidden well,
A nugget I might share.
Throughout the rubble of my thoughts,
Unorganized at best...
Stir them so that they awake,
While I enjoy my rest.
The jumbled thoughts and memories,
That I uncover there...
Like finding some rare jewel again,
To flash in sunlight's glare.
To be enjoyed just one more time,
Then tucked where it was found...
In rubble of my memories,
Both out of sight or sound.
06/30/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Blue Side Of Lonesome

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