I look at my lawn,
In dawn's early light...
It really shot up,
Almost overnight.
And even some weeds,
Grew much too fast...
Not knowing their lives,
Soon would be past.
In no time at all,
The grass starts its quaking...
Realizing full well,
From steps I am taking,
What's coming next,
A haircut and more...
The mower impatient,
By sound of its roar.
"Oh no!" cries the grass,
"It's a level three...
A buzz cut too short that
Looks awful on me!"
With determination,
And much gusto too...
The grass gets a mowing,
A buzz cut, its true!
Not that its long lasting,
As we all well know...
For almost immediately,
The grass starts to grow.
It surely must be,
Paybacks of a sort...
That grass must be mowed,
And buzz cuts are short!
  06/13/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Green Green Grass

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