What fills our bellies, all our lives,
Are words we hear each day...
Some are ignored and tossed aside,
While some we tuck away.
The building blocks that we all use,
To let our feelings be known...
For communicating all we think,
A response to what we're shown.
A weapon too, that we've all used,
Deliberate and by choice...
Delivered in a hurtful way,
In loud and screaming voice.
Yet words we use to give support,
To heal hurt and ease pain...
Are special words that mean so much,
With no intent for gain.
Words given from within our heart,
That we are glad to share...
As we pick and choose the certain ones,
That show we truly care.
Those are the words that shape each one,
From all the words we know...
That do the most to nurture us,
Our character to grow.
  06/02/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  You Gave Me A Mountain

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