They came from near, and far away,
For years they had been gone...
To share their lives, the good times since,
Include some things gone wrong.
The years had changed them quite a lot,
Maturity abounded...
Their edges smoothed by years gone by,
Their lives full circle,  rounded.
They shared their pictures of loved ones,
And told of their success...
Each one in turn seemed bound to try,
And outdo all the rest.
Still there was that which could be felt,
That bound them to each other...
Their memories of being young,
Time since was just a cover.
A class reunion,  a special time,
For recognizing faces...
Laughter, sorrow, tempered with,
Each ones' redeeming graces.
 05/26/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  The Next Time I'm In Town

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