Unimportant Things



I drove today, down the dusty road

And tried in vain, to see..

The house where I grew up, years ago,

But it waited not for me.


The house had old, sad eyes, even then,

Dimmed by the dirt and grime..

And the dust carried along by the Kansas wind,

Over unknown years of time.


And in itís place, were weeds and grass,

And a field plowed up so near..

I felt the sadness of losing a friend,

And the wetness of a tear.


The peonies that used to grow, years ago,

And that led to the lopsided gate..

Are also gone, maybe long before,

They too just could not wait.


And the gnarled rosebush, in the corner there,

Itís color forgotten now..

Has disappeared with all the rest,

Maybe the victim of a plow.


So many chores left forever undone,

And so many words left unsaid..

There was never enough time, for unimportant things,
And now all those things are dead.

© 2002 Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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