Photo By  Loree  (Mason) O'Neil
Come join me at my table,
The coffees'  hot and steaming...
A peaceful place I often use,
For musing and for dreaming.
it's just a country kitchen,
Efficient, not elite...
Where I can hear birds  as they sing,
And watch them as they eat.
My table is not just for meals,
But for my daily plan...
I organize and then enjoy,
A brief rest when I can.
I watch the birds as they fly in,
To grab a few quick bites...
Then gone again as they resume,
Their necessary flights.
Their colors bright as rainbow's hue,
With brilliance meant to please me...
Like the songs that each one sings,
A haunting sound to tease me.
And even though there's work that waits,
That cries out to be done...
I'd rather sit and watch the birds,
For that is much more fun.
If you come by, I'm sure to say,
Come join me at my table...
We'll rest a bit, then we'll move on,
Revitalized and able.
05/24/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
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