The world keeps changing every day,
it has to make one wonder...
Are all those changes good for us,
Or are some one more blunder?
We used to get our exercise,
While mowing all our grass...
A mower that was pushed on foot,
But now all that is past.
We drank the milk from our own cows,
But changes have been drastic...
The glass containers that we knew,
Are now replaced with plastic!
The horse and buggy far too slow,
Long since put out to pasture...
It's horses now, beneath the hood,
That all of us are after!
The world has shrunk so much in size,
That maps must be redrawn...
No exploration by brave men,
Of Earth that we live on.
Now it's space and void out there,
That provides fascination...
A shrinking world, with little left,
To give anticipation.
  04/19/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is: Welcome To My World

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