I now have the time for important things,
In limited time I have left...
For diamonds of fresh fallen snow,
Or Springtime's first warm breath.
For taking a stroll, down shaded path,
While walking at my  leisure...
No need to rush, that time long gone,
I do things for my pleasure.
I take the time to scan the sky,
For things I can see there...
White fluffy clouds, or butterflies,
Stars on a night that's  fair.
I spend my time remaining,
Enjoying things once missed...
When life was hectic and fast paced,
Important things  dismissed.
For years I let life and its pace,
Rule me with little thought...
Now I enjoy the very things,
The pleasures I forgot.
Friends and nature, with time for myself,
Fill each day with all I need...
For those are the things, long overlooked,
That make me happy indeed.
04/18/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Toomany

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