The songbird went unnoticed,
No beauty to attract...
People passed it every day,
And never once looked back.
There were no brilliant colors,
To rate admiring glance...
Nothing to make her special,
And nothing to enhance.
Too often talent just slips by,
Buried inside the cover...
Like greatness of a book ignored,
That no one will discover.
Yet when that songbird has a chance,
To sing sweet melody...
The beauty is in what we hear,
And not in what we see.
A talent that we never knew,
This plain one might possess...
Yet deeply touched as we should be
By songbird, truly blessed.
  04/15/09  Loree (Mason) O'neil
     Midi playing is:  I'll Leave This World
 Dedicated to the newly discovered songbird Susan Boyle, from Scotland.  Likely the most beautiful voice we will ever hear.  Check her out here:

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