I went out to my mailbox,
And found a package there...
The sprawled handwriting said it all,
'Please handle this with care.'
It came from someone that I know,
A friend I truly love...
The wrapping was so pretty,
With picture of a dove.
But when the box was opened,
I thought it was a joke...
For all I found beneath the lid,
Was just a simple note.
Each word that you had written,
Filled box to overflowing...
Those spoke of feelings, thoughts we've shared,
A friendship that keeps growing.
Words to console me when I'm down,
Caught up in throes of grief...
Other words that bring much joy,
Like breeze will dance with leaf.
So much magic was in that box,
In each word written neat...
I felt the box fill to the brim,
With your message unique.
Until at last the empty box,
Had simply ceased to be...
Filled now instead with care and love,
You chose to send to me.
04/11/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Are You Lonely Too

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