Photo by  Loree O'Neil
With just little warning,
Storm clouds were forming,
Gathering for trek they would take...
All those in their path,
Would feel the storm's wrath,
So real, and not at all fake.
As it organized,
Grew enormous in size,
The warnings went out in advance...
So all could prepare,
Lay in stock of fare,
Leave nothing undone, left to chance.
With winds that were driven,
Could not be forgiven,
Remembered for years yet to come...
What the storm left behind,
Would boggle the mind,
Before this ice storm was done.
I'm left to survey,
Complete disarray,
Deal with the storm's calling card...
My beautiful trees,
Brought near to their knees,
The damage that covers my yard.
Still at long last,
The storm has roared past,
Left blue skies and brightest sunshine...
In days it will seem,
Like one more bad dream,
A memory born in its time.
03/29/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is: Haveadrm

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